Self Assessment Journal Example

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Journal Entry #1 – Self-Assessment

During class, on September the sixth, the class I was in was to fill a self-assessment questionnaire. The questionnaire had sixty-four questions dealing with how we operate on a daily basis. Our answers ranged from zero, meaning the question is completely false or ten meaning the question is entirely true. I wishing to sell my book back at the end of the year scored my questions on a separate sheet of paper. Afterward, we were to total our scores on a separate page, so we could interpret the scores to what area 's in our life keep us on course for success. As well, for scoring the self-assessment I also tried to complete the scoring on a separate sheet of paper. Unfortunately, the class ended before most
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The assessment defined each of the characteristics of and each of the descriptions were relatable to me. The first example for introverts was the energy feeling after parties which I related to since recently my sister had her quinceanera and I was drained from my energy yet I enjoyed the party. Also, I was able to relate to the description of commonly drawing energy on my thoughts that I repeatedly reflect on. I especially related to being shy with the difficulty of creating friendships, and only showing emotions that are complicated to describe after years of friendships. The assessment also categorized me as three-fourths sensor and one-fourth intuitive. The text stated that sensors follow a rational thought process and relay on physical information rather than a gut feeling. My thought process has been heavily influenced by school in which actual progress in recorded by physical statistics. Though there are times in which I follow my gut, for the most part, I try to think realistic before deciding on an approach to a problem. The test also assigned me as a thinker that is characterized as rational and objective seeking with only a third of my thinking process influenced by feelings. These characteristics reflect on my thought process because I am influenced by the correct for the most part but still give thoughts to my feelings when deciding. Finally, the assignment evaluated me to be …show more content…
Most of the questions were grouped in different aspects of the spectrum such as investigative and artistic, conventional and enterprising, and realistic and social. After answering the first two questions of each page my mind went on autopilot for answering the rest of the questions. In order of highest to lowest interest, I was categorized as investigative, conventional, realistic, social, enterprising, then artistic. My preferences interest of career fields is investigative which is characterized as "inquisitive, analytical, and scientifically-minded." The investigative mindset is identical to mine since I often seek knowledge by questioning the process or am interested in science. I also have a common interest in what I do during my spare time like exercising, reading, strategic games, and the use of the computer. Following investigative, conventional was my second highest interest that I scored in. Conventional people are structure oriented and prefer doing a project correct the first time. I once more reflect on school time since I often tried to complete my projects to certain times and willing to work with others but preferred by myself. The conventional mindset usage of spare times all are the same as I use mine depending on my state of mind during the day. I was also scored somewhat high in realistic but low in artistic, social, and

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