Selection Criteria For Australian Public Service Commission Essay

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According to Australian Public Service Commission (2012), selection criteria is one of the challenges that need to be address when applying for a position because curriculum vitae is not enough to get a job. Selection criteria describes the personal qualities, skills, knowledge, experiences and examples on how an applicant meet the requirements of the job (Australian Public Service Commission, 2012; Jobaccess Australian Government Initiative, 2012). This will help the employers to decide whether an applicant meet the requirements or not. Hence, as stated by the Australian Public Service Commission (2012) being enough to determine the qualified person for the position. In order to manage this, job access Australian Government Initiative (2012) suggest to utilize the situation, task, action, result (STAR) model which means that applicants should respond to situation, which tells about a particular experience or setting where the applicant used the required skills or qualities, task which provides the applicant 's role and an outline on what he or she did, actions which talks about what and how did the applicant do it and results or the outcome. Furthermore, some possible responses that serve as a guide for an applicant in using STAR model are showing written and verbal communication skills effectively, possess highly-developed time management proficiency, demonstrating teamwork skills effectively, having high-level customer service skills and awareness of occupational health &…

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