Essay about Selecting a Disciple-Maker's Message

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Liberty Theological Seminary

Written Assignment 2:
Selecting a Disciple-Maker’s Message

A Paper
Submitted to Dr. Bob XXXXX
In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements for the Course
Discipleship Ministries

6 Sept 2012

Introduction There are many well-meaning, devout, knowledgeable Christians who well never intentionally build even one world-impacting, world visionary, reproducing disciple. This is because they will never seriously pursue a systematic curriculum designed for the purpose of discipling another to his ultimate destination (Hodges, p117). This need is not reserved for pastors, as evidenced by the writings of Luke. Luke was a layman, a busy doctor with his hectic schedule. Yet, he made
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Impartation of the Gospel message is often better caught then taught. Paul sites many of his own experiences to display his intended message. Inspiration completes the list of sources and involves the activity of the Holy Spirit in the minds, hearts and lives of both the teacher and student. Obedience to the call of Christ never lies within our own power, but comes through the impartation of the Spirit (Bonhoeffer, p84). The Spirit at work in the teacher can allow understanding of the Scripture. Similarly, Christ in the Spirit can allow the message to be incorporated as a lifestyle modifying agent. Paul suggests that “we impart a secret and hidden wisdom of God, which God decreed before the ages for our glory” (Holy Bible, 1Cor2:7).
Choosing the message for any discipleship session will be more effective by utilizing all four of these sources, and bathing each step of our preparation in prayer. As we continue along in relationship with those we disciple, we will naturally better understand them, their needs, the struggles they face, and areas in which we should try to focus our efforts. By thoughtfully considering these four sources, we will be able to better represent Christ, and be a more effective role model for our students. Ultimately, it is He who draws in those He loves… we are to simply love them as Christ loves the church. This is no small task, but a Holy calling, and we will find rest yoked to Christ in our labor

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