Essay on Security Software Development Kit ( Sdks )

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As cloud service allows users to access their resources from anywhere on any device through the Internet. The network becomes a risky part in the process. An immediate connection to the web implies that the cloud framework is inclined to outages and service interruptions which could happen amidst a task or transaction causing delays or loss of time sensitive data.
3.1.1 Our strategies to Protect:
Use security SDKs to encrypt your data
Security software development kit (SDKs) are a great way to protect data as well as the encryption keys that are used to protect that data. Anytime we can add a layer of security to protect your information, and we ensure SDKs will be the harder for hackers to access that information.
No persistent sessions
By eliminating persistent sessions, we can make it very difficult for an attacker to establish a beachhead in your organization. Because they do not have endless amounts of time to strategize paths to our IP.
Use VPN instead of public Wi-Fi
The biggest security threat is interfacing our devices to the public Internet or deploying any software to the public Internet. As we know, there are mainly four techniques of VPN to secure the data: Tunneling, Encryption & Decryption, Key Management and Authentication. And VPN uses PAP, CHAP, SPAP, MS-CHAP and EAP protocol to identify the users. And for the users who use dial mode to connect to VPN, it provides double data encryption. VPN also allows organizations with the appropriate privilege to set…

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