Searching For Super Is A Science Fiction Novel By Marion Jensen

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11. Searching for Super is a science fiction novel by Marion Jensen. This book encompasses a world of futuristic technologies and space and time travel. Searching for Super is a story that follows two families that are composed of superheroes. These families battle against a third family of evil superheroes in a town know as Split Rock. Unfortunately, Bailey and his brother, Benny have lost their superhero powers and are highly determined to regain their powers to be able to fight of the evil October Jones and his criminal organization. They need to come up with a way to get their powers back in order to save the town of Split Rock from October Jones and his evil underlings. Just when they think all is lost, they find out that their cousin Thimon, will be able to help them get their powers back. However, things don’t go quite as planned and they find the road ahead of them will be present them with many complications. This science fiction tale has a fair amount of violence and may not be suitable for very young readers. However, this book does contain numerous amounts of action scenes and a well-developed plot with an out of this world plot twist. Searching for Super has a comic like tone that makes this science fiction novel highly entertaining for one to read. Young readers can make a great connection to the bravery and sense of justice seen throughout this futuristic space novel.
12. The Ultra Violets is a science fiction series written by Sophie Bell. The plot of this…

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