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Part 1: Sales and Distribution Structure of Nokia
Nokia manufactures its mobile in Chennai manufacturing plant and then it transfers to nokia’s mother depot which is located in Gurgaon, HCL will start distributing Nokia’s product from here on. HCL takes order from all the distributers in the region and then it supply the product to the retailers with the help of RDSS (Re-Distribution stockiest supplier). RDSS are further divided in to two types based on quantity distributed and geographic nature as RDSS city and RDSS MD (Micro Distributers), RDSS city caters to large cities and supply directly to
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The handsets are transferred from Nokia Chennai manufacturing center to Gurgaon mother warehouse near Delhi and from there it is supplied through HCL distribution network to north and east part of India. HCL distributes to its regional distributors and from them to RDSS city and they will supply directly to the retailers but in the second channel called RDSS MD first, they will receive and send it to micro distributors and through them the handsets will reach retailers and then to its customers.
Channel distribution for GSM handsets:
The distribution system for CDMA will be little different from GSM as there is a need for SIM from the mobile network operators. The CDMA handsets are manufactured and send to Nokia’s mother warehouse located in Gurgaon. And then from there it is delivered directly to the mobile network operators of India. There they will assemble their respective mobile network’s SIM card and then send it to its own operators’ outlets and large distributors. The large distributors will further transferred to agents, chain of stores, etc. and finally it will reach the end customers. Nokia has a tie-up with TATA Indicom and Reliance network for its CDMA handsets.

The distribution system for CDMA will be little

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