Scope of Mathematics Essay

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Scope of mathematics

This article will provide an overview of the NCTM process and content standards. Educators first studying the standards may feel overwhelmed with the amount of content addressed within each grade-level span. State frameworks that dictate standards for each grade level exacerbate this situation. However, a longitudinal view will show how the same topics are developed over several years in a spiral and interconnected pattern. For example, the concepts of multiplication and division are introduced in the PreK-2 band, but fluency with these operations isn't expected until the 3-5 band. Multiplication and division skills are used in grades 6-8 with problem solving and algebraic equations
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Examples of representations are graphs, diagrams, charts, three-dimensional models, computer-generated models, and symbol systems.
Content Standards
The five content standards are also applied across all grade levels. The process standards discussed in the previous section are critical for the development of each of the content standards. Each content standard will be "unpacked" in the following sections, tracing the development across the four grade-level spans and examining the most essential concepts.
Number and Operation
Many teachers, parents, and students erroneously consider number and operation, typically called arithmetic, to be the full extent of school mathematics. Understanding number and operation is essential for progress in the other four math content areas; work with the other content areas in turn enhances number and operation understanding. Topics in this standard are the real number system, place value, and the operations and properties for the number system.
Our base ten number system derives from Hindu (Indian) number notation and includes ten symbols: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. These numerals are often called the Arabic number system because Persian mathematicians transmitted the system to the Western world. It can be helpful to examine a concept chart of the real number system and to manipulate number charts to better understand numerical relationships and patterns. Concepts such as zero, negative numbers, primes, factors, square

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