Why Study Math Research Paper

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Throughout my life mathematics has been something that is always pushing me to go beyond my limits and discover something new. Something that I thought I could never have achieved before. Every single time I face a new and exciting problem, I look forward to trying my best to find the best way to solve the problem. Along the years this evolved into some sort of life statement. I always wanted to try to be as exact, precise, accurate, analytic, and logical with every single issue I encountered in my life, as with a math problem. Studying math, not only broadens my knowledge of something I’m really passionate about, but also serves me as an example as to how I should be and act in my own life. Growing up, I lived in a country with a lot of …show more content…
I study math because I’m really passionate about it. I’m always intrigued by the next formula or equation I will discovered, or the next theorem I will be asked to prove. This is due to the fact that I enjoy challenging myself and finding new interesting things that can be related in ways never imagined before. One of my main goals for my education is being happy with what I’m studying and enjoying the process of doing so, and with the only thing I feel that way is with mathematics. In Colombia when you attend to university you have to immediately declare your major, so you only take classes specific to that major. When I was going through the process of picking a major, I felt overwhelmed because I got the feeling that it would seem like a really long 4 to 5 years of studying in any of the majors that I was looking at, which was mainly engineering. However, I always had an edge for mathematics, so I started looking at the major and then it seemed like it just fitted perfectly with what I wanted, and I didn’t felt like a slave studying something I wasn’t really passionate about. This being said, by studying mathematics I know that I will fulfill one of my academic goals during this life

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