Importance Of Mathematics Essay

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“Mathematics” is an open concept with many possible meanings. In Philosophical Investigations, Ludwig Wittgenstein(1992) talks about the variety of language games, and “mathematics” may operate in a huge number of such games. While mathematics as a research field includes a vast domain of unsolved issues and conceptions in development. Well-intended definitions, as suggested by classic positions within the philosophy of mathematics – where logicism describes mathematics as a further development of logic; formalism describes it as a formal game governed by explicitly stated rules; and intuitionism describes mathematics as a particular mental process – might simply be concealing the fact that there are no unifying characteristics of mathematics to be identified.
According to Ole Skovsmose
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Without mathematics, it is impossible to fully understand a government budget, the impact of a war, the meaning of a national debt, or the long-term effects of a proposal such as the privatization of Social Security. The same is true with other social, ecological, and cultural issues: You need mathematics to have a deep grasp of the influence of advertising on children; the level of pollutants in the water, air, and soil; and the dangers of the chemicals in the food we eat. Math helps students understand these issues, to see them in ways that are impossible without math; for example, by visually displaying data in graphs that otherwise might be incomprehensible or seemingly meaningless. In this paper through the lens of critical mathematics education we are going to see social impact of mathematics and simultaneously mathematics education. So first of all we need to understand how mathematics operate in the real world and then we can see what social impact it create. We can also analyse what it do and what it should

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