Nature Vs Nurture Essay

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Nature versus Nurture

Nature versus nurture debate talks about what determines the human behavior, either the environment in which a person is brought up or the genetic tendencies that is inherited.

Meaning of Nature:
Nature refers to the human traits (inscribed on genes) one gets biologically through their parents which can never be changed by any means. Our personality traits and abilities are in our nature. It is genetic inheritance and other biological factors which drive the human actions, likes and dislikes and ways of responding to various situations in different ways.

Meaning of Nurture:
Nurture is stated to be the influence of external factors such as the environment to which one is exposed to, the experiences and learning of an individual. Our surroundings, social status, background and life experiences have certain lasting effect on us. This behavior that
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Twins that have been separated shortly after birth do develop similar personality characteristics. The studies done on twins in Washington showed that they both suffered from headache and tension, both had a habit of nail-biting and were prone to smoking, even though they had been separated from the age of 4 weeks. This example supports the nature theory.

My view point on the debate

I strongly support both nature and nurture. This is because we get our characteristic through our parents, like hair and skin color, height and psyche. Even intelligence and socializing abilities come through our parents. These all our passed from our parents to us via DNA (genes) in the nucleus of the cell but these abilities only groom if we work on them.

For example:
A child’s parents are very good in mathematics but the child may not be as good because the child did not work to groom his skill or he/she did not have any interest in mathematics.

Example 2:
A Childs father is a good singer but the child might not

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