Essay on Scientific Journals And Peer Reviewed Journals

1252 Words Jan 28th, 2016 null Page
Scholarly scientific journals and peer-reviewed journals are often viewed as credible sources that other scientists or researchers make references when writing their own dissertations or research reports. However, in order to gain credibility from academia, it is essential to follow certain guidelines and organization when writing a scientific paper. From the given scientific paper, Cytotoxic Activity of Biosynthesized Gold Nanoparticles with an Extract of the Red Seaweed Corallina officinalis on the MCF-7 Human Breast Cancer Line, I observed several sections that are imperative to the completeness and persuasiveness of the paper. The sequence of the specific sections are as follows: abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results, discussions, acknowledgement, and reference. For the specific functions, the abstract gives readers a general overview what the writer is going to expound on; introduction provides the background knowledge and investigation motive of the research; materials and methods section includes detailed procedures and required measurements for each step; results portion showcases the data, diagram, figures, and short explanation of the results; discussion part further expands on the explanation of the findings, concludes the research, and offers possible follow-up questions; acknowledgement lists people the writers want to give credits to, and references are the compilation of all the sources cited in this paper. In summary, after reading this…

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