School Uniforms Should Not Be Worn Essay

1284 Words Mar 19th, 2016 null Page
In a 1996 Long Beach, California speech, former President Bill Clinton announced his support on school uniforms. During that speech, Clinton had said, "school uniforms are one step that may help break the cycle of violence, truancy and disorder by helping young students understand what really counts is what kind of people they are.” This quote changed perspectives in schools for the safety and discipline of the kids. Many people, mostly students, disagree with school uniforms and may have different opinions and perspectives. Mostly public schools are the ones who make uniforms mandatory. Charter schools are the ones that do not require uniforms to be worn by the students. That is only because charter schools usually have better behaved students than public schools.

Although a numerous amount of students across the country disagree with having a mandatory rule on wearing uniforms, there are many reasons why a student should wear uniforms to school. There are also many valid reasons why students should not wear uniforms to school. A significant amount of people believe that school uniforms restrain students from expressing themselves. Many people claim that only elementary and middle schools students should be the only ones required to wear uniforms, not high school. Students tend to find themselves and who they are in their teenage years and making them wear uniforms is like a roadblock to individuality. According to, 66% of people do not agree…

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