Essay about School Uniforms Should Not Be Banned

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Each morning, many kids and teens alike look in their closet and carefully or carelessly pick out an outfit, with no restrictions placed on their self-expression through clothes. Some, however, have limited or no freedom in what they wear. School uniforms have always been considered a controversial issue. Teachers and faculty continue to support dress codes while many students resist the steady increase in uniforms that is occurring in schools today. Both sides of the argument are well represented with structural evidence supporting them. Studies show that school uniforms can both improve test scores and well as prevent bullying in schools, yet the overall student opposition to uniforms can unintentionally cause negative repercussions in both of those areas.
While uniforms and dress codes have always been debated, the controversy became prominent in the United States of America during the late 1960’s because of a dress code issue that made it to the Supreme Court. In the famous Tinker vs. Des Moines court case, the Court decided that public schools could not censor what students wore, which included the black armbands that started the court case itself (Hudson). The administrators were not allowed to suspend the students if they could not show that the display would “materially and substantially interfere with the requirements of appropriate discipline in the operation of the school” (Lane). Schools could only prohibit student expression through clothes if they could prove…

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