Uniforms In Schools Essay

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Uniforms in Public Schools
Uniforms have changed. The style, the usage and the laws over them all changed and evolved with the society around them. Yet, the controversy about their usage is still alive today. It’s said that uniforms oppress the individuality of students, but do they really? Students use their 'street clothes ' as a way to blend in instead of a way to express themselves. The uniforms help to provide a robust environment as well as a better morning start for the students to focus and work on their grades and character development.
The very first public school to enforce uniforms was in Long Beach, California in January of 1994. (“Should Students”). The percentage of public schools with uniforms have increased over the years.
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At Eton, a prestigious school in England, the male students were to wear top hats and tails on and off of the school campus until 1972. (“Should Students”). However, in today’s society, uniforms are more casual than they were in previous times. People will often see students dressed in khaki pants/skirts, with a polo shirt that reflects the school colors or logo. In fact, many school leaders said that they preferred this apparel over the dress casual; blazers, button ups, ties, and skirts/dress pants. (“National Survey”). The uniforms contribute to school image, as proven when the Central Peel Secondary School was part of a pilot policy, meaning that uniforms were put to the test for a school year. The students were at 48%, although parents were at 39% and faculty members were at 86%, agreeing that uniforms assisted in making their image as a school system grow positively in the community. (“Uniforms …show more content…
He states his support of uniforms and how he feels about their use, making it an impeccable example of why they are positive in school systems. (“Should Students”). Clinton states clothing is an additional reason for kids to quarrel, steal or vandalize, as clothing is another way of molding one’s self to fit the mold others expect them to fit, especially when they don’t. Not only did Bill Clinton believe that uniforms would assist to mold the future generations, however, so did many others. Movements and rallies were held or started in the past because people wanted uniforms for the kids. (“Should

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