School Uniform Persuasive Speech

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School uniforms were supposed to be used to where students wouldn’t be bullied about their clothing. They were made to help the parents of the students save money. Students shouldn’t have to dress like one another (Wilde). The schools could have just a dress code, restricting students to wear disrespectful clothes. The students should have the freedom to dress the way they wish in a respectful way. The school is trying to protect the students from being targeted by bullies, but the students shouldn’t have to dress the same exact way and not be able to show their true selves. If the parents don’t have much money and they send their child to a public school where you don’t have to pay much money, the school might up and decide that they …show more content…
Uniforms can destroy the children’s individuality. They look terrible because everyone is dressed the same. The children don’t like wearing them because the school that they attend thinks that some kids would have more trendy clothes than another , and they would be considered cooler than others (Lemouse). Although school uniforms destroy individuality, there are some good sides to them. Most gangs would be prevented with uniforms. The students wouldn’t feel pressured into buying clothing that everyone else was wearing if they had uniforms. If someone else was in the school that a different outfit on other than that uniform, they would know that there did not belong there. The students would feel like they a sense of pride because they were dressed in school uniforms. Even though there are benefits of wearing school uniforms, school uniforms should never be mandated (Wilde). Those were some pros and cons of school uniforms. There are many good and bad reasons to wear school uniforms. The school could just form a dress code so the students can have their own individuality. It costs money to get the uniforms, and if that student’s family doesn’t have that much money that is just a extra unnecessary cost for them. School uniforms are unnecessary, an extra cost they shouldn’t have to buy, and it destroys the child's’ individuality

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