School Of Thoughts On Management And Organizational Theory Essay

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Answer 1
Schools of thoughts in Management and organizational theory:
1. The Classical School: The classical school is one of the oldest formal schools of management. The classical school of school is basically concerned about the ways to manage work and organizations more efficiently and effectively. It can be subdivided in three groups which are scientific management, administrative management and bureaucratic management.

Scientific management can be defined as the systematic study of work methods to improve more efficiency. It was introduced in order to create mental revolution in workplace.
Administrative management mainly focuses on management process and the principles of management. It provides a more general theory of management.
Bureaucratic management focuses on the ideal form of organization. It has come to stand for inflexibility and waste. (Reference for Business, N/A)
Contribution: the foundation stones to modern theory were laid in 1900 to 1920’s. This era of management of thinking then named as Classical school of thoughts which is subdivided in administrative and scientific management. Its developers primarily focus on efficiency.
Strengths: Using scientific methods to determine best ways of outcome. Managers are also providing planning to control and increase efficiency and productivity.
Weakness: The main problem is with the classical school was the quality of goods because jobs were so specialized. Workers are treated as machines to raise the…

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