School Is Not Real Life Essay

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Student today I feel lack a direction and feel like school has betrayed. Schools have betrayed students in that school make very obvious that school is not real life. School does not help students grow, but rather what they do outside of school will. The problem America schools are facing is that students feel the need to not work hard and would rather blame their failure on outside forces. I believe public school at the high school level should have students play a sport or do something with art/music all year long. Playing these sports will help student build a community with each other. As a student with ADHD, I always felt at one when I was playing sports or playing music. I would learn more about how to interact with people and a work ethic just from playing sports. No class in high school or at any level of school will teach students to work hard in life. In school working together on something is cheating, but working together in sports will help you reach the goal. Sports give students a reason to feel like they belong to a course greater then themselves. Sports will ask student what you will sacrifice to reach this goal. Students cannot “cheat” in that way they can in school. Playing hockey I will always try and play within the rules, but every now and then I would break them. When I did I would get two minute penalty. If I broke a law in school, I would need to spend one hour of my life in dentation writing what is takes to be a Notre Dame man. In school if you…

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