School Is A Weird Place Essay

1100 Words Jan 17th, 2016 5 Pages
School is a weird place. I say that because if anyone has attended a public school in Mexico, it is a mess. So, the transition to an American school was vastly different that changed my whole perspectives on the purpose of teaching. I soon came to realize that a teacher is immersed in knowledge and passion in their subject matter, they are also aware that they are not only teaching, but touching and affecting their students’ lives, and opening whole new views and appreciations to what is taught. I hold these values close to me, thus the reason why I want to teach mathematics. My mother wanted me to become a dentist, and I remember being drilled with this profession ever since I was very little. Teaching Mathematics did not cross my mind until I moved to the United States throughout the fourth and fifth grade. I discovered my fascination with math when I moved to Greensburg, Indiana at the penultimate month of fourth grade and with zero English skills the only thing they did to keep me occupied was with their accelerated math program. I liked math so I did enjoy that they just put me in the corner and solve math problems and fill in the bubbles on the Scantron with the solutions. I was fascinated by the technology presented in the schools that motivated me on doing more math problems. Thus I discovered more enjoyment in learning mathematics and I kept up with its interesting facts ever since. The school proposed that I had to repeat the fourth grade so I could develop my…

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