Personal Statement Of Educational Goals And Philosophy

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1) Schools create different purpose in today’s society as well as creating a unique role in a democratic society. Depending on which person you were to talk to school could be a day care center, a place to have social interactions, a place to hang out with your friends, a prison, and last but not least a place to gain knowledge. Where do I fit into this equation, I have used school as a day center, I have witnessed school being a place for social interactions, and lastly I have returned to school to regain knowledge that I have so desired. To me, in order to be an educator that strives to create the best possible atmosphere for the students they must take into account what the different views of school are and where they come from. If a teacher …show more content…
Teachers would respond with answers like; “I believe that students do better when they are responsible for they own learning process, I teach with an existentialism philosophies”, or “because of standardized testing I need to only teach the core of the subject so my students can pass the state testing, I am a essentialism type teacher. My philosophy on teaching is really quite, as in all aspect of life everyone is different, and because everyone is different there is not one true clear path to take. Kids are no different, what works well with kids in the first period may have to be modified for students in the last period of the day. I do not believe that a teacher can be just one certain type of teacher. A good teacher will be able to carry as many tools in their tool belt that are needed to affect as many students as possible. Many students will be respond well to activities that promote the idea of self-learning and self-motivation, however many students would prefer to have structure which would lead to an enhanced learning experience for them. My philosophy on education is this; throughout our careers I am going to have the opportunity to meet thousands of kids, these kids will not care if I am an progressivism teacher or an existentialism teacher so my goal as a teacher is to pique the interest of these students so they want to learn. Yes, would I like …show more content…
Question one proves that a teacher is a day care provider, a social club coordinator, a warden or an educator. First and foremost a teacher is and educator, their primary role is to take information that they are experts in and pass it on to individuals that are seeking the knowledge that the teacher has. This is not to say that every teacher is an expert or that every student craves the information that a teacher has, what this is insinuating is that if a teacher can engage their students the information that they have to share will be highly sought after by their students. I do not believe any of the students that were involved with the Arnold project were highly motivated to learn about the American government and how it work, but because he developed an interesting approached that pique the interest of his students, they all craved his knowledge. Second, teachers are there for support and understanding. To me, the difference between a poor, a good, and a great teacher is how well they can relate with their students on an individual level. We will be teaching a wide range of kids that have different emotional needs, different social needs and different educational needs. Those of us that will excel will be able to take all the different teaching strategies that we have not only learned in this class but also what we will be taught in the rest of the

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