School Can Be Like A Masquerade, But With Less Romance And More Tension

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School can be like a masquerade, but with less romance and more tension. When I was a teen I started to realize and learn that people can be different, sometimes people use these changes as an advantage which caused people to act like somebody else as if they were putting a “mask” This applies to having a “mindset”, in this case they’re relatively closer to having a fixed mindset, whereas some people will not be afraid at all that they will rather embrace it which makes them have a mindset closer to a growth mindset. In addition to further understanding of mindsets, the mindset are the growth mindsets and the fixed mindsets which were both established by Professor Dweck a Psychology professor at Stanford University. The growth mindset is “the idea that the harder you work, the more your ability will grow” For example, if you have a positive attitude, willing to face or overcome setbacks, and if you are dedicated to put in time and effort than you are closer to being this kind of mindset. Vice versa, the fixed mindset is the idea that if you need to work hard you do not have the talent in that particular field. For example, if you give up easily, not willing to try unless you know you have the knowledge or ability to be successful, and if you are afraid of being compared to other people then you are closer to being this kind of mindset. These mindsets have been found and has gotten popular recently as scientists summed out the theory of “the brain can be trained like a…

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