Scheduling Process : Instructional Or Professional Growth Time

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Scheduling process

There are three components involved in the scheduling process which are daily schedules, classes, and school calendar. All three areas were discussed with my principal and have a unique impact on each other. My principal stated “too often we get caught up in the concept of time and it took me a while to understand that time is something that I have control over.” It is a great point that as a principal you do have some control over the schedule and can manipulate it to get the time teachers need whether it be instructional or professional growth time. We had a great discussion about how scheduling has changed from when he started at Wahlert and some of the issues that still exist. First, the daily schedules have changed a lot since he started. We moved from an eight period daily schedule to a seven period block within the first couple of years. Then we shifted to the eight period block because the teachers had asked for the change even though it was something he did not believe in. He felt he needed to make the change because his teachers believed so strongly in the switch. He said his main priority is to make sure the schedule provides maximum learning opportunities for students and is something that the teachers are behind. The faculty believed that the eight period block was better and that was a decision that he needed to make to ensure quality education. The daily schedules that incorporate an “A” day which has all eight periods in it, an…

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