Scariest Moment In My Life Essay

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There were some obstacles that happened in my life that I was not ready for. When I was 21 years old, I use to think I was invincible. When I found out that I really was not, it affected me in my life. Growing up, I always played soccer and I always enjoyed doing exercises. I was addicted to do any kind of sports. I am a person that I like to eat healthy foods and do exercises. I never thought I would get sick of appendicitis. The scariest moment of my life occurred when I needed to go emergency surgery for appendicitis and peritonitis.
The day started out like any other day, it was a Saturday and it was a sunny day. I lived with my girlfriend at home and we decided to go to the movies. We ordered a big popcorn and a soda during the movie and
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As the pain was not so strong and I could stand it, I ignored the pain. Later, we went to the restaurant for lunch. After a while the pain became stronger, but since I was young I thought I could stand the pain. At around 6pm, the pain was stronger and I could not stand it. I told my girlfriend to buy me pills. The pain subsided for a few hours, but the pain returned and it was getting stronger. We had never heard and we didn 't know anything about the symptoms of appendicitis. The next day, I could not stand the pain and I had a low grade fever, so I decided to go to the hospital that was close to my house. I was the kind of person who did not like going to the doctor. When I reached the hospital, I was burning up with fever and I had severe pain in the stomach also I could not walk very well due to pain. In the hospital, the nurse did not know what I had and she just put me a blister which was very strong for pain and fever. Then we returned home and I already did not have a stomach pain and a fever, so I could get some …show more content…
I was trying to get up and talk to the nurse. In the recovery room, a nurse approached me and told me that I do not have to talk because my stomach will be filled with air. Shortly after I was taken to my room and I saw my family who were waiting for me.
Moreover, the doctor came to my room and he said the operation was complicated because I had a peritonitis surgery. Furthermore, Doctor put me a drain tube in my abdomen. I saw other people who had appendicitis surgery and the next day they could go home. Instead, I had to stay in the hospital for one week. During that week, those days were the most difficult days because my stomach was not working. I could not eat or drink anything because I vomited everything. I had to wait until my abdominal organs worked.
My big mistake was not going to the doctor for the minimum pain and I had to wait long for the fear of the surgery. That was a problem that complicated in my surgery. My experience has taught me a lot. I discovered that, in order to conquer your fears, you must face them first. In a way I am thankful for my surgery, because I conquered a lot of my fears. Also it taught me that one should never wait until the last minute to go to the

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