Saving The Environment With Electric Cars Essay

1069 Words May 14th, 2016 5 Pages
First, the rhetorical visual argument I created is based on “saving the environment with electric cars”. I created a rhetorical argument based on everyday life of people, and the air we breathe every day while walking, jogging, or even enjoying a good day outside. Gasoline operated cars are very famous in today’s society, and the amount of CO2 emission these cars give off into the atmosphere is extremely high. My argument is based on electric cars, and how they can help the environment we live in, breath, walk, and enjoy every day. First, electric cars are cost efficient. Cost efficiency is major concern of many people; when buying a new car everyone wants them to be reliable, and reliability mostly depends on how the cars are mostly taken care of, such as oil change, change of oil filters and etc. Reliability is the most important part of a car, if we take oil change for an example buying the best oil available “Mobil 1 fully synthetic” costs roughly around $36, and when buying an oil filter must also be replaced, and the cost of oil filters vary from different manufacturers “Mobil 1” oil filters costs roughly around $12. I know these numbers because of person experience, I buy both of these and final costs ends up being around $60. Just the oil change can be a major problem depending on the model of the car, more expensive cars cost much more to change their oil. Electric cars use batteries to and do not need much attention as compared to gasoline operated cars, only…

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