Personal Narrative: Saving Grace

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I’m not a cup full of sugar or a bucket of crap, I’m in between as a matter of fact.
I want to matter and be matter,
I don’t walk up hill all my life I went to take the path that flatter. You opened me up and I shut all doors, too scared to not be good enough and flat broke poor.

I am scared of measuring up, sometimes when it’s too good to be true it makes you give up.

When the reflection seems uninterested, you think you’re failing what you’ve been tested.
I know it’s better to try and fail then not to try at all, but when your whole life has been subjected to failure you’re scared looking through your walls.

All I can see is yours through the view, scared of what I feel and of what you’ll do, to me and you.
So I worried if I measured up
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Dana S. Redman

Saving Grace

She always has had saving grace, an angel on earth with a different loving heart and a gracious face. A crooked smile and genuine care, someone honest, loyal and fair.
A woman so complex that she’s so hard to read, so wonderful with kindness, she’s all that I need.
When she’s sick or she’s mad, then doubt may come in, she’s a completely different person then when she doesn’t carry her grin. She s complicated at best, but she’s nothing like the rest.
No manipulation, she is what she is, no bullshit in her from her toes to her head. She’s saving grace, and I set that all back,
I lost what I had and now oh God how I lack. I severed the trust the honesty and care, wrecked twice the commitment and honesty there.

Turned into someone I’ve always despised turned into a liar, but it both of us crying these tears that don’t dry.
My biggest fear is a final goodbye.
I never deserved her, she’s better than I. She really loved me, but I didn’t believe, now she’s gone forever, a distant melody. I betrayed her so bad, broke her heart, made her sad.
Didn’t feel good enough to accept what I had.

Now saving grace is all gone, I’ll never belong. She’ll never trust what I

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