Saudi Arabi A Petroleum Super Power And Strategically Placed Ally

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Saudi Arabia: A Petroleum Super Power and Strategically Placed Ally The gulf state of Saudi Arabia has built a booming petroleum-based economy with a strategic location of high importance to the United States and her interest. Saudi Arabia has the strongest economy on the Arabian Peninsula. Its investments in the PATRIOT missile system have catapulted them to the top slot of valuable allies that the United States has in the region. The strong cultural history of Saudi Arabia has helped shape their free trade economy and is the reason for their dominance over the Middle Eastern-North African region for foreign investments. Saudi Arabia’s petroleum-based economy is the highest ranked on the Arabian Peninsula. With Saudi Arabia possessing eighteen percent of the world’s petroleum reserves, it comes in as the very top ranked exporter of petroleum in the world. Even though oil and gas make up fifty percent of the gross domestic product in Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom also has other natural resources such as natural gas, iron ore, gold and copper. With Saudi Arabia in possession of all these resources and the ability to conduct free trade with their exports, makes them the largest exporter in the Middle Eastern-North African region and ranked sixteenth in the entire world. The strength that Saudi Arabia posses in their ability to conduct free trade is the sole reason they have the number one ranked Gross Domestic Product in the Middle Eastern-North African region, and the…

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