Sandwich Blitz Case Study Answers

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Dalman and Lei really need to take into consideration the different areas of concern each other have before expanding into two more franchise operations. They need to see where their strengths are first and foremost and work off those so they can work on their weaknesses. Their biggest strength to me is being able to set a goal and work towards it. This shows they know what they want and can try to work towards it even if they have to use their creativity to get it done.
Their biggest weakness is not making sure their operational managers are doing their job and following through with day-to-day decisions. If their operational managers cannot make sure that all problems are being solved in house then maybe Dalman and Lei need to make the rules for them to follow and then follow through with the consequences of not following them. Yes this gives them more work but it also makes sure each location is operating
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If they are able to get their brand in other cities then they could have the next Starbucks on their hands, just in a sandwich form instead of coffee. The future of Sandwich Blitz really needs to be considered though before just jumping into expanding they really need to do their homework and research and set different goals and also make sure their first set of goals from when they first opened have been met or are still obtainable to be met.
One of the threats for them is not branding their products because if another sandwich place gets ahold of how their product is made then that could really put the Sandwich Blitz out of business. And if they just jump the gun and open another one right in their city they could really lose more money than they are making. They really need to think this through have a long meeting about it and really work through the whole planning stage of opening a

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