Federalism In Hurricane Katrina

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In the reflections of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the unsteady response associated with dealing with the historic disaster that his New Orleans gives way to thorough discussion the levels of responsibilities and role of the federal, state, and local authorities in times of disaster and emergency response to such disasters like Katrina. Under the systems or practice where more power is pushed to the federal government to spearhead and to always play the lead role is not a good idea and Katrina exposed the truth in that. In as much as federalism exist, Homeland security and the disaster management organization should operate or response to national disasters and not just act on federal missions.
Before, Hurricane Katrina made a land
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In America the powers are shared among states and the federal government. Each of the states have limits to the powers granted them by the constitution and same applies to the federal government. Democracy under federalist system works or operates like a double edged sword. The system has strengths and weaknesses that are associated with it.
Democratic participation is one of the strengths of federalism. This allows the voice of the people to be heard in decision making process where elected officials represent their constituents. A check on government is one of the strengths which allow division of powers between the various branches and arms of government. This prevents the national government from becoming oppressive and authoritarian in the citizens. The smooth coordination between these entities brings about peace and security in the
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Intergovernmental conflict is one of the weaknesses which usually is caused by finding coordination among policies and the individual needs and objectives of the various entities and also between states and the federal government. Too much bureaucracy, is the another weakness, under multiple governments there is always the duplication of consistency due to the overlap of some responsibilities. This was clearly exhibited in the Katrina disaster management which resulted in the unproductive and lack of coordination at that critical

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