What Are The Disadvantages Of Democracy Under The Federal System

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A democracy under a federal system is the form of government all United States citizens are living under today. Sense this governmental system came to form, the strengths and weaknesses of our democracy under a federal system have become clear. Two advantages to this form of government are that the smaller forms of government on state and country levels created by federalism are more equipped to make decisions on behalf of the needs of local communities then a singular central government; the second advantage is that this is the most effective way of preventing a single political party from gaining control of the government. A major disadvantage of this form of government is that diversity of policies among states creates inequality between different states. Two major examples of this are welfare which is run by the individual governors of each state, and education which is left to the states in the Constitution. Another disadvantage of …show more content…
While this has its advantages, this many separate forms of government can lead to serious confusion. Citizens may not know which governments are doing what, and it can be very hard to follow. An example of this is license laws. In the state of Maine, you can get your license when you turn 16. However, in the state of Massachusetts, you cannot get your license until you are 16 ½. This can create problems and confusion amongst citizens of states, and it is only one example. There are many more examples that all add to this confusion.
In conclusion, two advantages of Federalism under a democracy are that the local governments created in federalism are more equipped to handle local problems, and this system best prevents political groups from taking the majority of our government. Two disadvantages are diversity of policies among states can create inequalities between different states, and the 90,000 different bodies of government can create confusion and a lack of

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