San Antonio Foundation Case Study

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Mr. Ed Kelly has an unusual background along with experiences. He received his master's in business administration. Where he went on to work at USAA in their real state department. While he was working he noticed that he was very well off in his personal financial department. Therefore, he thought why not give those to in need. Later on, he had been giving to many foundations for years. That he became a member of their broad and the person who was now asking for the donations. Some of the nonprofits he was a part of are The San Antonio Area Foundation, The Santikos Foundation and The San Antonio Medical Foundation just to name a few.

Mr. Ed Kelly looks for many things when someone is asking for money or when he is planning to give to an organization. When a solicitation letter is sent to him, the first thing he looks for is the person it is from. He stated that if he knows the person who asking him for the donation, he will be more likely to spend more time on that letter. Compared to someone he does not know. Mr. Kelly also looks to see how the money will be spent and where. Being that he prefers that his money stays locally to help the local community. He also looks at how much of the the specific need that the nonprofit
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Ed Kelly is of the board of trustees for The Santikos Foundation. How he got that board by was the request of Mr. Santikos after his passing. Even though he is on the broad he still donates to the foundation. The main purpose of The Santikos Foundation is to give back to the local community. Therefore, they fully support The San Antonio Area Foundation heavily.

Mr. Ed Kelly has been apart of nonprofits for many years now. That many of his good friends trust who have passed. Have trusted him with running of their nonprofit, when they are no longer here. One of the things that Mr. Ed Kelly goes by when giving money or receiving it for the organization is to make sure it goes back to the people not the

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