Samuel Sheppard Blood Analysis Essay

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Samuel Sheppard Blood Analysis
Samuel Sheppard Blood Analysis Dr. Sam Sheppard was a well-known physician in the early 1950s in Cleveland. He was from a very wealthy family that was well known because of their acclaim as being physicians. He was liked very much by the Cleveland community, which put his life under great public scrutiny. The Sheppard case is a very good example of the trial happening in the public arena with the outrageous behavior of the media and the press[1]. The influence that the media and the press had on the Sheppard’s case contributed greatly to the inability of Dr. Sheppard having to receive a trial that was unbiased in terms of the jury. Marilyn Sheppard who was the wife to Dr.
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This pulse he took by placing his fingers on her throat and neck. He admitted having touched her body according to the Trial Testimony 12/13/54 P. 4971, where he mentioned the parts of the body that he touched. Al though he was not sure, he mentioned that he had touched the face and neck[3]. This touching of his wife’s neck and face would have led to the primary transfer of blood spots from the victim’s blood-stained body to his fingers. After he checked the pulse rate of his wife for the last time, Sheppard stated that he went downstairs where he used the telephone to call the Houks. It was very logical to expect that the blood that was supposed to be on his fingers after having touched his wife was logically expected to have been secondarily transferred from his fingers to the telephone. It is evident enough that the killer of Marilyn staged the crime scene to suggest three motives for the occurrence of the crime: an attach that was sexually motivated, a profit related burglary, or a burglary that was drug related[4]. In the Sheppard’s case, goods and money were not the primary focus since all the possessions of Marilyn and her husband were left intact. Sheppard’s house that was the crime scene had been staged to create the image of a burglary, which is evident from the pulled out drawers and the poured out contents of the Sheppard’s kit, but there was taken away no

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