Essay on Samsung Flagships Use Ufs 2.0 Technology

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TL;DR: The Note5 is a more mainstream orientated phone with an amazing screen, camera, internal specs, and design but leaves behind features that many older note fans loved, such as no removable battery, no sd card slot, and no IR blaster. If you 're considering this phone, also look into the note 4!

I 'm going to go ahead and start out with what I DON 'T like about this phone.

1) No sd card slot.

Sadly, this is the main feature that I would say is missing from this phone. Without an sd card slot, you 're stuck with samsung 's only two storage size options, 32gb and 64gb. The very least they could do is add an 128gb option for those who want more space, but long gone are the days of cheap added storage.

HOWEVER, it seems like the main reason for this is that the latest generation of Samsung flagships use UFS 2.0 technology rather than eMMC. This allows for considerably faster storage performance (things like moving photos and reading data). Currently, this new technology does not have a memory controller that supports microSD cards.

2) No removable battery.

With Samsung 's new design philosophy, they have decided to go for a more iPhone-esque approach of form over function. This includes a sealed battery, taking away the user 's ability to quickly swap the phone 's battery. For many older note and power users, not having the ability to effectively double (or more with multiple batteries) battery life is huge loss. Another issue with this is the fact that as battery…

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