Compare And Contrast Essay On Iphone Vs Galaxy

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Team IPhone or team Galaxy? Has been the huge debate in any conversations for years. Apple and Samsung offer two very impressive cellular devices, but only one surpasses the other. Apple 's iPhone is better than Samsung 's Galaxy smartphone because the iPhone offers a stylish sleek design, better software system and camera. It 's undeniable that the iphone has been the world 's leading standard on what a smartphone is supposed to resemble. For years the innovative designs of Apple’s Iphone always has triumph over any cellular device. With its stylish sleek design the iphone is beloved by many and brought by billions. Max Parker, Phone connoisseur says, “The iPhone is a smooth seamless union of metal and glass”. To the touch the …show more content…
As previously stated the IPhone sets the standard for physical aspects that cellular devices need, yet it also puts a huge precedent on what a cell phones software should look like. Apple’s IOS 9 offers an extensive amount of applications also has a simple neat design that compliments the beautiful structure of the IPhone. John Mundy, a phone connoisseur, says, “Samsung’s overly colourful and childish custom TouchWiz layer covering the design Google intended. We are not the biggest fans of TouchWiz, mainly because it tries to do too much and ends up just bogging down the device”. Hence, the amazing simplicity of the IPhone is alluring making it able to be used by anyone of any age. For instance, Whenever I leave my IPhone just sitting around and go to pick it back up I notice that there is at the very least ten applications downloaded that is for three-year-old children, and later I find out that is because of my little brother. This shows that the IPhone was built for a person of any age to use. Its simplicity rather than over complicated system is far better than Samsung 's galaxy …show more content…
In fact, Steve Jobs took great pride in the fact that Apple products never ship with a user manual. And while anyone can pick up the iPhone and start taking photos”, said by Emil Pakarklis, Photographer. Apple uses “a state-of-the-art sensor, a new image signal processor, advanced pixel technology, Focus Pixels, improved local tone mapping, and optical image stabilization” all to do one thing, that is capture memories. Apple uses a camera that is made for speed, which improves moving pictures and reactional moments, which is a tool most cell phone cameras are not equipped with. Having a motion picture camera on a cell phone allows for people to not just take a simple picture but to take photos that are could be kept for memories. Moreover, the IPhone has a camera that captures the details that the human eye can not. For example, from first-hand experience I have seen that the IPhone camera is more detailed than the Galaxy camera. My friend asked for someone to upload a picture of a sheet of music that we were all supposed to learn. Someone with a galaxy uploaded it, but it came out blurry and we were not able to see the details of the paper that were really important. After uploading a picture with my cell phone, no one complained also everyone was able to read the

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