Samsung : A Corporate Group Essay

753 Words Dec 8th, 2016 4 Pages
Samsung is a corporate group that is not only based in South Korea, but also a contributor that impacts the everyday lives of people all around the world, especially South Korea. Under the grand umbrella of Samsung, are countless subsidiaries including Samsung Electronics, Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung C&T Corp., and many more. Due to its reputation as a wealthy and successful company, many people envy and study Samsung to find its methods for prosperity. Samsung’s recipe for affluence lies in their corporate culture, strategic planning, innovation & change, and personnel development. Samsung is considered a powerhouse in every market it’s in. They are well known for their electronic products like smart televisions, digital cameras, computerized machines, home appliances, and most famously their smartphones. Not to mention their semiconductor chips are the center purposes behind their achievement of the organization. From a small trading company, Samsung has developed into one of the biggest organizations in the market. The best focused qualities for Samsung is that it is extremely fruitful in their arsenal of electronic items. Smartphones and home appliances leading the forefront. However, behind those innovative products, lie corporate culture, strategic planning, innovation, change, excellent personnel that inspire and reflect it. Samsung is always looking for ways to innovate and change in ways that has a positive impact on society. Recently, Samsung has been on…

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