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Final Project: Solution-focused, Short-term Pastoral Counseling Scenario
Mercy Me
Liberty University
[Disclaimer: This student sample is not to be considered more authoritative than the final project instructions & rubric. It is simply a picture of how a fellow-PACOneer successfully completed this learning activity. Though some proofreading, format, APA glitches, and missed expectations (e.g., body of paper was 15 pages vs. 14 page expectation) were present, this sample did satisfactorily organize cumulative work with a noticeably fresh synthesis of a solution-based, short-term pastoral counseling scenario. In like fashion, make every effort to do original work!]

The Final Project applies the distinctive features of a
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4). Justin, a teenage street racer, caused an accident that took the lives of Cindy and Chelsea (i.e., Cindy: wife and mother from the case study; Chelsea: daughter from the case study; Crossroads Case Study, 2013). This project follows one specific care-seeker, Brody (i.e. Brody: second son from case study; Crossroads Case Study), in the aftermath of the tragedy through an abridged solution-based, short-term pastoral counseling (SBSPC) scenario. The project design requires the student-counselor to demonstrate a working knowledge of the SBSPC strategy rooted in a research-based perspective and provides an evolving resource to support the student in ongoing soul-care ministry (Liberty University, Final Project Instructions, 2013, p.1). The SBSPC strategy is a structure made up of

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