Sample Resume : My Action Plan Essay example

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My Action Plan
During this semester, I have discovered useful information about myself, and as I move forward, I will be using the various learning tools and skills. However, before deciding how to improve my methods of learning plan, I took the time to review my transcripts/advising worksheet. By doing this, it has helped me determine exactly how many credits I have left, along with the type of classes. Including those, which are not part of my core curriculum. I need forty-nine credits overall, I have eighteen scheduled over the next two semesters, which includes the ones I am taking right now. I would like to increase that amount by adding class to each spring semester one and two. The purpose for me reviewing this was to have a look at where I am starting from to plan appropriately, as I move forward with my education at Bluefield College online. After reviewing my transcripts and advising worksheets, one tool that I will use is the College Career Plan found on page 26, in chapter two of New Beginnings. Using this worksheet will allow me to plan the classes that I would like to take and need for my core. I can set them up by semester and add a class that is not too mundane, so I will not become bored. One of the first things I will incorporate will be the styles of learning information. According to the Index Style, my preferred style of learning is verbal. For instance, using more visual aid will help my learning process. I will be able to see it in my mind as well as…

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