English 111 Reflection Essay

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Throughout the duration of my first academic term at Augustana I have grown in numerous ways. I have become more skilled in many different disciplines that include writing, study habits, organization, and time management. Becoming more skilled in these areas has made the transition from highschool to college much easier. Therefore, much of my growth due to all of the help I have received from a small one-credit class called English 111. First of all, the most important academic skill I have developed during English 111 is my writing. In the beginning of English 111 my writing was quite inadequate, “To use what they have learned from their Liberal Arts Education”. My example sentence lacks explanation of who is using their Liberal Arts Education. Therefore, making it much more difficult for the reader to understand who I am writing about. However, after a great amount of help from the students/faculty of English 111, I have corrected many of my mistakes I used to make as a writer, which has resulted in me earned As on almost all of my papers. For example, “Subsequently, the reading …show more content…
My peer tutor had me record everything I do in a day hour by hour on a chart. After I saw the results, I realized that I was spending enough time studying, but I wasn’t spreading my study time out through my whole week. I was only studying five days a week for longer periods of time, which was causing me a great amount of stress. Therefore, I decide to spread my studying to seven days a week, but study for smaller amounts of time each day. These reduced studying time periods have helped me reduce my stress and increase my retention of the information discussed in my classes. Me reduction of stress and increase in retention of my material is happening, because I’m no longer being overwhelmed by a great amount of information all at once and I’m seeing the information on a daily

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