Sample Resume : Job Enrichment Essay

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In this week I have selected the topic “JOB ENRICHMENT”. Job Enrichment means that employees have given more responsibility for scheduling, coordinating and planning their own work. Employees who are in enrichment jobs they are more satisfied with their job, higher productivity, product and services quality also improves, and many more. According to the Herzberg (two factor theory), he believes that employee are not only motivates through providing good working conditions, rewards, and many more but they can also be motivated while giving them more responsibilities, autonomy and job satisfaction.

Advantages of job enrichment:
1) Job enrichment motivates the employee to put their all efforts and give their best performance.
2) Job enrichment also reduces the absenteeism, turnover and grievances. Because employees have more responsibility and more tasks to do so they absent less and pay more attention towards the tasks.
3) It gives positive results only if the workers are highly skilled and have experiences in the tasks, which are, assign to them.
4) Job enrichment also encourages self-discipline.

Disadvantages of job enrichment:
1) There are many workers in the organisation that are against the job enrichment process because it makes many changes in the job.
2) Job enrichment use is limited, only skilled managers and professionals can use it.
3) Sometimes managers also force the worker to accept the job enrichment and this is not fair because may be worker…

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