Essay on Sample Resume : Customer Service

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1. Strengths:
You met expectations in the following performance areas: AFD – 4:19, QA Montiorings – 89.25%, Handle Time – 391.2, Rep Rating – 7.8, Absence Hours – 12 hours, Absence Days – 1.5, and Tardy Hours – 2:45.

You exceeded expectations in the following performance areas: Close Rate – 3.1%, RGU Goal – 186.9% and ACW – 9.1.

Comments: You finished within the successful range for QA Monitoring and Rep Ratings during this review period. Not only do you provide quality customer service, but you also provide transformational interactions with your customers consistently. Absence Hours, Absence Days, and Tardy Hours were great. The fact that you show up to work on time and rarely miss days, speaks volume about your work ethic. You have a direct positive impact on our ability to manage our daily call volume. Great job on having your AFD and Average Handle time being within the successful range. Other accomplishments (if applicable):

Areas of Improvement:
You did not meet expectations in the following performance areas: Upgrade Close- 0.56%, Adherence – 79%, Hold Time – 43.7, QC Errors- 8.62%, and Silence – 23.9%

Comments: It’s imperative that you don’t depend solely on new customer sales to drive your RGU percentage. You must develop a rapport with our existing customers so you can discover their wants and needs. By doing so, you’ll be able to effectively present Mediacom’s services and products as a solution in the daily lives of our customers. Those actions…

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