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International Marketing Plan for the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Company in


Leah Hurley

Professor Ishihara

BUS-43 Online: International Marketing

I. Executive Summary

For more than 40 years, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® has remained true to our vision: to bring our customers the most extraordinary collection of coffees and teas from the world's most exclusive growing estates. In keeping with that vision, we proudly offer our premium products through our amazing franchisees located in 19 international countries around the world and growing! Now, our customers can enjoy our delicious beverages from Shanghai to Dubai! Now we are pleased to introduce our latest business
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With positive endorsement by the health care society, and popularity on the rise, it seems as though Germany would be a prime candidate to open a new coffee shop in. While coffee is the most popular type of hot drink in Germany, the consumption of tea is projected to grow in both the on- and off-trade channels over the forecast period. The health and wellness trend and the increasing popularity of tea shops in Germany will boost sales. Moreover, tea marketing campaigns such as “tea-up your office” on the “tea-up your life” internet site, launched by the German Tea Association, will continue to promote tea products and stimulate consumption in the country. II. Marketing Analysis


Most Germans have small families, and Germany today has one of the world's lowest birthrates. German children are taught to be polite and respectful to their elders. An increasing number of unmarried couples are living together, either with or without children. In fact, a recent study found that 40 percent of German couples under the age of thirty-five are not married. About three out of every ten German marriages end in divorce.

Traditionally, Germans referred to the role of women in terms of "three K's": Kinder (children), Kirche (church), and Küche (kitchen). Today, however, German women have legal equality with men. Like others throughout the world,

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