Sample Personal Statement for Consideration of Law School Admission

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My decision to acquire a Juris Doctor, albeit a decision made later in life, was one I came to quite easily. Although I’ve always had an interest in law since the latter years of undergraduate school, the impetus to seek the degree was brought on by a tragic event much later, which forced me to look deep within myself and see life through a different lens. On June 2, 2011, I received a telephone call from my mother. I learned that my only sibling, a brother two years my junior, had committed suicide that afternoon. He and I were raised in a wealthy household with adequate discipline, until I was fourteen years old. In that year, as I was just entering manhood, my mother divorced my father, and this set forth a series of …show more content…
I didn’t want my spirit to atrophy. That’s what killed Chad. I know that I must push myself to excel, but from this point forward, I must do so with something I know I have an interest in and will enjoy for the rest of my years. My first taste of law was when I studied at The University of North Texas. One of the classes for a core requirement in my liberal arts major was Broadcast and Copyright Law, taught by Dr. Ed Glick during the third year of my undergraduate studies. The class captivated me instantaneously. Learning the parameters of certain laws, precedents set, and how those laws are still evolving drew me like a siren’s call. I still recall Dr. Glick’s favorite response to our queries, “Yes or no - it depends,” followed by a riveting monologue about why or why not. I was one of the few students in the class who earned an A, and it was a high A at that. I also took a class at UNT on Business Law and Ethics. That class was not taught by Dr. Glick, and although the instructor was not as enthusiastic, the subject matter was still extremely interesting. As with the other law class, I earned an A. The recent deep personal reflection I took showed me that, without any degree of doubt, law is the natural extension of my personality and talents. My passion for law doesn’t lie with just a mere interest in it. I also want to use law for good. For change. For justice. I want this not only for my own personal

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