Sample Letter For A Mentorship Paper

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For my mentorship paper I chose to speak with an attorney named Margaret G. Zickuhr. Mrs. Zickuhr is a Marquette Graduate and who practices primarily family law out of her firm named Houseman and Feind LLP where she is a partner. I chose to speak with Mrs. Zickuhr for several reasons. Firstly, because of my interest in ADR practices specifically mediation and negotiation, I have begun to look into possibly going into family law. Secondly, being that we are licensed upon graduation in the state of Wisconsin I have considered the idea of staying in the state for a few years before possibly applying for reciprocity in another state later on. Thirdly, Mrs. Zickuhr has spent her entire career in smaller law firms, which is the path I foresee my self taking, rather than spending time in a large law firm environment. And lastly, she is a mother and a working lawyer, which is a work-life balance that I hope to achieve as well.

Houseman and Feind LLP is a relatively small firm located in Ozaukee Country, with a staff of about 8 staff attorneys, 3 of which are associates, and 4 paralegals. The practice itself is a general practice, but Mrs. Zickuhr works primarily with family law and has started to expand into the realm of mediation. She jokes that family law found her and that she did not choose family law because that just happed to be the area of law that she received the most referrals in, presumably because she was doing such a good job.

When I asked her what were…

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