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This integrated marketing communications plan outlines communication tactics that will be used to raise awareness & to introduce Azimuth Watch Company's new range of products to the public. This IMC plan will be used to achieve the marketing & communications objectives of this plan, as well as address some of the issues & challenges surrounding the introduction & success of this new range & the company by discussing key areas such as brand positioning, pricing strategies & targeting.

Azzimuth Watch Company strives to provide their customers with timeless pieces hemmed with exquisite & detailed designs with excellent quality to boot. Since its genssis in 2003, a few
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A good written review might not be as believable if the company's identity & character is not made prominent & consumer awareness is not high.

4.4 Statement of Problems
There are a lot of problems that Azzimuth is facing right now in respect to its marketing communication efforts. These problems hinder Azzimuth from excelling & becoming the ideal brand that they wish due to the loopholes in their MC efforts. The few such problems are:
i) poor brand awareness ii)poor brand identity iii)heavy competition against other established brands iv)poor marketing positioning
Due to limited marketing efforts, Azzimuth is not able to raise its brand awareness. The poor placing of the brand (& in advertisements) also hinders potential target consumers from being exposed to their products.The brand itself is then unable to be prominent in the horology industry. When unable to position itself evidently in the horology industry & in consumer's minds, Azzimuth then fails to achieve its desired goals, driving the company down an negative path.

V. Marketing Objectives
The few objectives that Azzimuth Watch Company is looking to achieve are as follows:
i) Efficiently establishing a strong brand identity in the Singaporean market ii) Increasing brand awareness ii) Introduce new range of products efficiently in Singaporean market iv) Incorporate Corporate Social

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