Sample Example Of Diversity Plan

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The mission of this diversity plan is to provide a safe, accepting, and successful learning environment for all while increasing awareness of global issues, strengthening cultural consciousness and intercultural awareness, especially for underrepresented groups.

Target Audience: Administration, faculty, staff, students, and parents of Saucier Elementary.

Diversity Considerations/Issues Addressed`
The following diversity considerations were taken into account during the creation of this diversity plan:
• Identity of Self and Confidence
• Closing the Achievement Gap
• Factors Affecting Achievement
• Factors Affecting Discipline and Fixed/Growth Mindset
• Examining Personal Biases
• Socioeconomic Standing
The professional development, classroom, and
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o Greet parents and community members by name. o Communicate with parents and community members to determine how the school can facilitate family/community/school collaborations. o Encourage teachers to make regular positive contacts with parents regarding their students as a method to convey that the student and parents are a valued part of the school

• Objective 2: Recognize, respect, and address families ' class and cultural differences.

Suggested Resources/Strategies/Activities:

o Make information available in the native language of families and community members. o Listen to and take family and community concerns seriously, collaborating with families to generate reasonable solutions. o Provide families with opportunities to develop participation skills. o Recognize, understand, and include all members of diverse family structures in school events and communications.

• Objective 3: Create a philosophy of partnership between home and school where power and responsibility are shared.

Suggested Resources/Strategies/Activities:

o Create opportunities for meaningful involvement related to promoting educational excellence for

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