Sample Essays: Expository Writing, My Special Recipe

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Lesson Title & Subject(s): Expository writing, My Special Recipe Topic or Unit of Study: Expository paragraph

Grade/Level: 4

Instructional Setting: The class overhead, and interactive whiteboard is front middle of the classroom. The student’s desks are in groups of four shaped as a square. The teachers desk is in the back of the classroom.
There are 28 students in the class, 8 ELL students, 1 physically disabled student, 2 students with ADHD, 1 gifted students, and 2 students that write well above grade level.


Your State Core Curriculum/Student Achievement Standard(s): CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.4.2
Write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly.
Lesson Objective(s):
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English Language Learners need more than being told what to do, they need to be modeled how to do something. According to, Ferlazzo, when it comes to English Language Learners, “modeling promotes learning and motivation, as well as increasing student’s self-confidence”. During the lesson, students not only help create the recipe, they are asked questioned about the how to complete their writing to check for understanding. English Language Learners need to be asked questions and they need formative assessments. English Language Learners learn to monitor their own understanding, and think critically when teachers are constantly asking questions, and checking for understanding (Ferlazzo, 2012). By simply modeling the lesson, and checking for understanding, English Language Learners can accomplish their expository paragraph.
Along with being shown what to do, they are highly encouraged to use the classroom word wall, and their personalized dictionaries. Word walls are not only ways to help English Language Learners familiarize with words, but they help students with patterns, building their phonics and spelling (Barretta, 2015). Using words walls and personalized dictionaries is also a way to have students become independent with their learning, and learn to use resources in the

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