Essay on Sample Business Plan: Furniture

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Executive Summary 3
Background of the Company 3
About the Entrepreneur 4
Product and Service Profile 4
Market Description and Analysis 5
Competition 7
Operational Plans 7 Production Process 8 Technology Employed 8 Quality Assurance 9 Capacity and Loan Plan 10 Physical Plant/Machineries/Equipment 10 Inventory Management and Control 11 Production Schedule 12
Risk Management 13
References 14


The Kom-pact: Art Furniture, It is dedicated to consistently create and provide tasteful pieces in small and compact designs to fit studio living and small spaces. They are artistic, unique and beneficial pieces such as
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(, 2010) With the new investments of the OFW’s in the Philippines, real estate is booming, most especially for the modernization of the country. More yuppies, are also choosing to live alone, than live with their parents. According to the National statistics office, a 3.4% growth of individual purchases of condominiums and apartments. Thus the timing is right for starting this new venture. More and more high rise condominiums are being sold, in the metropolitan area, with areas as low as 12 square meters, furniture sold in the Philippines are bulky and expensive, leaving the average yuppie, barely enough to design his studio home. Areas like The Fort, Ortigas and Pasay are starting to pile up with skyscraper homes, just waiting to be filled up. The rise in real estate means, means more demand for furniture, most especially for studios with small spaces. Studios built have a range from 12 square meters to 50 square meters, less space, for living. According to the Chamber of Furniture Industries Philippines also continues to be one of the highest sales earners. And its industry has a growth posted of 6% in the 3rd quarter of 2010. It is also said to be one of the highest in export, in Asia. Our strategy is to price our products at a level that is lower to our competitors. The household furniture market is quite competitive and the price

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