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Begin your paper here. Please remember to use either Times Roman or Arial 12 inch font. Be sure to double space the entire document. Also, learners are reminded to be sure to indent the first line of each paragraph between five and seven spaces. Please remember to double space after punctuations that end sentences. Please do not underline or italicize within the document unless the American Psychological Association (APA, 2010) and the APA Style web site ( recommends for best practices in writing mechanics.
Headings or sub-headings Please use subheadings
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A great website to refer to for APA 6th edition best practices and samples: 2. A paragraph is typically made up of four or more complete sentences. 3. Please avoid plagiarizing (presenting the work of others as your own) at all cost. 4. Citations and the reference list work together as a set of directions to let the reader know where you got the information you are using. 5. The name used in the citation must match a name on the reference list. 6. When you take an idea or concept from a source other than your own brain or use something that is not common knowledge, then you must give credit to that source. 7. To paraphrase an idea, one must put the idea into his or her own words then give credit by citing the source. 8. You must place quotation marks around the “direct quote”. 9. Direct quotations that are longer than 40 words require a block quotation. 10. Make sure you right click and select paragraph to ensure your SPACING is set at “0” and “0” before and after, LINE SPACING is set on Double Spacing. 11. Please note the Running header on the Title Page is different from that of subsequent pages in your document. 12. Please only include an Abstract within your document when required by the course instructor. 13. Microsoft Office documents in the following file extensions are

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