Same Sex Marriage Research Paper

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Getting married is a very significant event in the human race. It traces back for centuries and is still a very important part of one 's life today. Many people believe marriage is a necessary event to incorporate in their lives. It is a foundation upon building a significant bond with another partner and a start to a new life with a family. Many cultures around the world strongly support marriage into their ritual lives while other cultures despise marriage. No matter how many cultures are against marriage, marriage will always continue to be a very important part of life. There will always be couples getting married whether they are young, old or the same sex.
Cultural Diversity
The culture of India is one of the most oldest and
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They are very similar to the cultures in the United States, except Britain celebrates a lot more! There are always festivities going on for the oddest things. Their culture is modern like ours in the US. Also the social classes are very similar. They have a high, middle and lower class. As far as marriage goes, they have weddings and ceremonies. Same sex marriage is as common in England as in the United States, with some exceptions in areas where it is not allowed. In the taboo video, that region of England did not allow gay marriage so the couple did not officially get married but to themselves and their family they were …show more content…
The children have to participate in a ritual procedure in order to become a married couple. The young man and woman must be covered in a yellow paste before the marriage to signify their virginity. After the marriage ceremony is conducted, the women wear red in their hair to show they are committed to their man. Granted these children are still young, they stay in their parents household until the wife of the new couple is at least 16 years old. After she turns 16, she is able to move out with her husband and begin starting their own family.
This view on marriage works for the culture of India because it does prevent many issues that may come later on down the road. For example, If the parents of the children did not pick their child 's spouse, the child may have picked a bad partner and issues would occur during the marriage. Also is the spouse was not arranged at such an early age, the religion may be altered because the children would partake in premarital sex. The parents know what is right for their own children and that is why they will make sure they choose what is best for them in the long

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