Gay Marriage Research Paper Topics

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Another point worth to mention here is that the past and current definition of marriage on the books of any state laws in the Union never specified of men and women. For example, the Wex legal dictionary defines marriage as: "The combination of a couple as husband and wife. The basic elements are: (1) both parties have the legal capacity to marry, (2) the consent of both parties, and (3) a marriage contract as the law requires. "
The reason for this definition of marriage says nothing about the men and women in marriage law because traditionally, people accepted that marriage is between men and women. Until recent years, the gay’s rights movement is increasingly strong, a number of states has to change the law to accept gay marriage, and an
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Jack Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop as mentioned above; homosexual relationships cannot be the law that compelled them to change their religious faith. As a bitterly result, religious leaders, pastors, and priests, within their exiting doctrine, refuses to wed gay couples. Churches goers, such as florists, photographers, and bakers refuses to accommodate gay weddings. Of course, as I mention earlier, it is dead wrong to discriminating anyone on the basis of race, creed, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Everyone should enjoy equal opportunities and respect, and everyone have the First Amendment Rights.
So in the near future, we will see the US Congress to make some new laws protecting religious belief about gay marriage, to limit the influence of the Supreme Court’s ruling. On Monday, June/29/2015, Senator Mike Lee has reiterated bill The First Amendment Defense Act (Amendment Protection Act I) has been submitted to the US Congress, banned all government agencies to do damage to the freedom of religion of all organizations and individuals that believe in marriage as union between the man and the
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A Catholic nurse may decide not to assist an abortion, but she cannot interfere to prevent a legal procedure by those who do not have the same religious convictions as she does. A Baptist pastor can refuse to preside over a gay wedding, but he cannot prohibit an Episcopalian to do so.
If we accept the existing rules, then of course, everyone have the rights to refuse to provide a service that has the inherent ability to violate his or her conscience, he or she may think of ways to improvise the work without violating the principles. Thus, a Muslim deli staff who not permitted to touch pork ham or bacon can improvise his work and make turkey ham or turkey bacon sandwich, which do not violate his religion. His boss should be sympathetic and sensitive, while others staff should balance the difference and be ready to compromise, while not violating their own

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