Recognition Of Gay And Gay Marriage Essays

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Recognition of gay and lesbian marriage with respect to Federalism

1. Edited Book - The lesbian and Gay Movement and the state edited by Manon Tremblay, David Paternotte and Carol Johnson

This books points out the growing recognition of lesbian and gay, in short LGBT, rights around the world. Despite the many obstructions with regards to researching and investigating on LGBT, this book aims to bring light on the relationship between the state and LGBT movements, focusing on two key queries: “to what extent is the lesbian and gay movement influenced by the state and whether the movement has influenced the state” (Manon & David eds. 2011, p. 8) using the case studies from countries around the world. I will focus on Chapter 2: Australian case study that focuses on the developments of the movements since the start and how Australian LGBT movements and activists managed to make full use of the Australia’s federal system to bring about change in the constitutions and the law but have yet to bring constitutional change in marriage equality. However, this is not an updated analysis as it was published in 2011, before the Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2012/2013 was submitted and the contentious plebiscite bill was introduced.

2. Sole Authored Book – Modern Federalism by Geoffrey Sawer

The author gives basic federal principles of a federal government and the development and transformations of federalism in different countries including Australia. In the book, he gives a…

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