Same Sex Marriage Pros And Cons Essay

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Civil unions and Same-Sex Marriages
God created man and woman to join in union to have and to hold, for rich or poor, through sickness and health. As man and woman join union, than they are to procreate and have children. This has been was the Lord’s way, since the creation of time until the 1960’s. However, there are some that have sexual attraction for man to man, woman to woman, and to both. Like man and woman these couples long for each and eventually fall in love to plan to be together forever. Those that choose to marry the same sex or both is called a civil union, same-sex marriages sparks a heavy debate due to the fact God created man for woman and woman for man, as with anything else there are pros and cons about these unions, rather or not the ramifications of this will result in future social change.
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Furthermore, any marriage or civil union is to between male and female. As it states, “you should not lie with a male as with woman, it is abomination (Leviticus 18:22 ESV)”. When society do not agree with a stance they find ways to make it known and vice versa. In fact, one sociological reason behind civil unions and same-sex marriages is culture (Macionis, 2013). Although, sexual orientation have been viewed differently, some are okay with such unions same-sex marriages and some are not. As a result of this, the controversy about this civil unions and same-sex marriages started going back to the 1970’s. That is was some older folks that were born before the sexual revolution and do not agree with homosexuality. Nonetheless, at time pressed forward the people that are for civil unions and same-sex marriages fought hard for their

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